The Lennox International offers a large selection of natural and flavored rawhide products, healthy snacks and treats for dogs. Our rawhide chews come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Any flavor or size can be purchased bulk, perfectly wrapped in a cigar band, or individually packaged. Value packs in different combinations are also available. Rest assured, all our rawhide lines are made from prime hides, carefully handcrafted and oven dried to perfection.

Any dog will also love our real natural body parts, pig ears and the large selection of natural bones and meat treats offered in several sizes, flavors and different packaging alternatives.

All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why lennox
  • Because is safe: The Rawhide Express lines are manufactured without any harmful or toxic chemicals.We also use all possible precautions against  any  bacteria or salmonella that can make a dog sick.

  • Because for more than 25 years our company has been delivering consistent premium quality in every shipment.

  • Because our flavors are made to order. The stain-free process uses the best human grade ingredients to give each line and appealing, unique aroma. All our flavors are made in our USA facility.

  • Because we control manufacturing from start to finish. Our products come from the best world's best grass feed, free range, animal's hide.

  • Because the chicken tender lines are hormone & antibiotic free and manufactured in European facilities closely monitored by USDA.

  • Because we operate  in FDA registered facilities that comply with all regulations. Our company's policies treat  personnel fairly, and protect the environment.

  • Because is 100% guaranteed.

  • Because we offer  a large selection in rawhide ,natural body parts and other treats.

  • Because as manufacturers we offer a very competitive program.


Our rawhide chews are produced from the tough, inner layer hide of bovine cattle. The first step is a complete removal of any hair, excess salts or oils. They are rinsed in large vats, with plenty of water, and without any use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Hides are then cut and forwarded to the assembly lines where they are skillfully handcrafted into many different shapes and sizes.

The factory is equipped with industrial ovens that run on clean, natural gas to guarantee a complete and thorough drying process. Unlike other companies, we do not dry our hides under the sun or use diesel fuel, wood or other methods that would leave the product jelly-like, moldy or releasing a strong odor signaling that the product is, "rotten" inside.

Finally, all products are assorted and packaged according to size, prior to shipping.

We maintain strict quality control measures to insure that only the finest quality chews are shipped to our customers.

The large assortment of natural bones, bovine and porcine products come from free range animals in South American farms.All raw materials are closely monitored with verifiable sourcing.

We’re as quality control   passionate about our Home-Style Meat Treat range as we are about dogs. This award-winning range is made with fresh ingredients and with the same care and attention as a home-cooked meal. These unique treats are made in a traditional way. Fresh meat is either oven cooked or air dried to create a treat that is superior in both quality and taste.

Choose from:

Sausages, Burgers and Fillets

  • Protein rich and made with up to 95% meat
  • Made with a limited number of ingredients and minimally processed
  • No meat meals
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Wheat free and corn free
  • No special storage such as refrigeration is required.

Lennox Int'l is the qualified leader in the flavoring process which is Made in USA. We currently offer the traditional Natural line and many different flavor options in The Rawhide Express line.. Among the most popular ones are: Vanilla, Hickory Smoked, Peanut Batter, Bubble Gum, Chicken, Beef, Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Roasted Lamb, and Pizza. Your dog will love and enjoy the fresh flavor aroma of each one of them.

Our flavors stand out because our flavoring process is completely unique and different from any of our competitors. To prevent easy staining, we do not coat or baste the chew. Our proprietary process allows the flavor to penetrate the hide permanently. Flavor and aroma are perfectly combined making the most enjoyable long-lasting treat for the dog.



Natural Treats
  • natural pig ears

    item: 20621

    UPC: 7 42174 20621 4

  • Chicken Jerky Tenders

    item: 99701

    UPC: 7 42174 997013

  • Natural Femur Bone 16"

    Item: 72500

    UPC : 7 42174 725005


Premium Rawhide Chew
  • Giant Bone 5-7"

    item: 23005

    UPC: 7 42174 23005 9

  • Pizza Knotted Bone 8-9"

    item: 17008

    UPC: 7 42174 17008 9

  • USA Flavored Peanut Butter Strips

    item: 05800

    UPS: 7 42174 05800 4


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