Healthy & Natural Dog Treats


NEW! Collagen Chews!

Our new collagen chews promote joint mobility, support skin and coat health and are high in protein while being easy to digest! (99.2% lab tested)

What's New?

What isn't new might be a better question! Delicious and fun treats from our Tender Chewy line to our Lifebound collagen chews. Take a look around. Whether you’re looking for a new and unique taste treat for your customers pets, or restocking tried and true favorites, there’s something for every dog’s delight.

What's New?

Our tender chewy treats comes in bars, braids and bones made with no artificial flavors or colors. Braids, soft bars and bones are made with real chicken and we also have braids with peanut butter flavor, the most loved flavor for all dogs.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our dog chews and treats are subject to a strict quality control and testing. Your satisfaction—and your dog's—is guaranteed with every purchase.


Why Lennox?

For more than 30 years our company has been delivering consistently healthful, premium quality in every product shipped. We control manufacturing from start to finish. Our products come from the world’s best grass-fed, free-range animals. Simply said, you won't find a better, healthier and tastier dog treat anywhere!


A History of Health

Our products are manufactured without any harmful or toxic chemicals and when possible even using human=grade ingredients that are well suited for animals. We also make all possible efforts to prevent any contamination that could affect dogs' health. We operate in FDA-registered facilities and our company's personnel and manufacturing policies and practices ensure our employees are respected and the environment is protected.


Full of Flavor

Our flavors stand out because of our unique flavoring process that assures sustained flavor and aroma to the last bite. Our factories apply a proprietary process that allows the flavors to permanently penetrate each product. Flavors and aromas are perfectly combined creating an enjoyable long-lasting dog treat!

Your company does provide a very quality product, and our pups very much enjoy it.

Gary, OH

My dog loves these treats. She must have one every evening as her after dinner snack.

Robin, e-commerce verified buyer

Hi! My dog LOVES the prosciutto wrapped bone!

Lindsay, Detroit (MI)

Please contact us to find the nearest location to purchase Lennox's products.

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