Trade FAQs

Lennox sells to wholesales or chain store retailers who can purchase our minimum order requirements.

Yes. We offer show promotions, monthly programs, co-op advertising, rebates. We are also always open to discuss private label opportunities.

Yes. We offer show promotions, monthly programs, co-op advertising, and rebates. We also offer a quality guarantee assurance, and we welcome any new ideas or suggestions to help your business thrive.


Consumer FAQs

Always choose a product, without an unpleasant odor or glazed fat on the surface. This will guarantee you are receiving a perfectly dried product. If you prefer to treat your dog to a flavored beef hide chew, make sure the aroma and flavor equal the manufacture's claim.

Yes. In the rare event that any of our products stain your belongings, please contact us immediately for a refund. We stand by our guarantee.

He can play all day long.

Lennox beef hide chews have been lab tested and have 99.3% digestibility. They are also an important source of collagen: 77.3%. Always monitor your dog while chewing any toy or treat.

Yes. Our factories are located in countries that are well-known worldwide for premium animal breeds which guarantee top quality raw material for our production. All plants are certified and animal are not fed with products that contain hormones, antibiotics or any substance than can harm your pet's health.

Lennox Int does not import any product from China.

Absolutely. Chewing prevents plaque from depositing on his teeth and helps him maintain strong and healthier gums. Your furniture and shoes will also look newer if your puppy chews our products and leaves your belongings untouched.

Please contact us by email or toll-free at 1-800-538-8980 and we'll advise you of the best way to purchase them.

Different dogs have different preferences. Most popular choices are Prosciutto Bone, Bully Sticks, Beef & Bully Sausages, Pig Ears, and Beef Hide Chews in Natural, Hickory Smoked, and Peanut Butter Flavors.

Hi! My dog LOVES the prosciutto wrapped bone!

Lindsay, Detroit (MI)

Please contact us to find the nearest location to purchase Lennox's products.

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